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HERE are the missing images! I hope!


The cupcakes:



The fish:


And that’s all she wrote!


Nerf guns, pizza and Muhammad Ali


Yesterday was that dreaded and yet much anticipated day of days – M’s birthday. Enter the stress about presents, desserts, parties and activities. Considering we have a huge vacation coming up in just under two months, and that he has a roomful of toys that are rarely played with, I was unsure what to buy him. He also was booked in to spend time at the Ekka, which is the Brisbane show. So basically I knew he had a load of treats and adventures coming up, and decided to do a low key birthday celebration. Or that’s what I told myself was happening.
So naturally, I decide to bake a load of cupcakes for his class, like last year. But of course last years cupcakes were so decadent and cute, I felt bad sending boring old vanilla, and before I knew it I was planning yet another extravaganza: icecream cupcakes. Once again, the man in my head started in with his shiite but I bravely blocked his crap out, kept calm and carried on!

I went out the easy way with 2 packet mixes, since I had to make around 30.

Icecream cupcakes: 

1 cupcake mix or your own recipe
1 packet of icecream cones (I used small cup shaped ones with flat bottoms)
1 batch of buttercream frosting
Sprinkles, cherries, chopped nuts, whatever you like to deviate your icecream with!


Preheat oven and place icecream cones into a 12 hole muffin pan. Using the flat bottom ones will make your life easier as they Erroll balance in the tray properly. If you buy a foil bbq tray you can cut holes into it to balance proper cones if you’d like.
Make up your cupcake batter according to packet or recipe instructions.
Pour the batter into icecream cones. Only fill half way or two thirds, remember they will rise.
Bake as usual, according to packet or recipe instructions, and allow to cool.
While cooling make a batch of frosting. Buttercream gives a great soft serve effect when piped on, but glaze will look really good too.
When the cupcakes have cooled, ice according to the style of icing you have made, and decorate with sprinkles, chopped nuts, cherries, whatever.

I made chocolate, banana, and some chocolate banana, so they looked a bit like the chocolate vanilla soft serve. I really like the dribble from the cupcake running over the edge, it looks just like real icecream.

They were a hit with the class, and the one that counts came home with a big smile on his face.

So what’s with the reference to Nerf guns, Muhammad Ali and pizza in the title, you ask?
Well Mr 9 requested the biggest, baddest Nerf gun I could find:


And since I’m a glutton for punishment:


A bullet cartridge with 100 darts.

We finished the day off with dinner at pizza hut for him and 4 friends.


Oh, and Muhammad Ali? Meet the newest member of the family:

Ali, cos he’s fighter fish, der! Cute huh.
He also scored some boring clothes from his boring mother, some Lego from one mate, some Gelli Baff from tanah and tonk, sparklers and cash from another mate. Not a bad haul.
First thing this morning he was picked up to go to the Ekka, only for a long weekend since he is about to have a month off school said the big mean mum.

And that is that. Another year done and dusted. Can’t believe next year he is double digits. Time for me to buy a walking stick, I think.

And one quick pic of the pork chop to send you off with:


P.s this recipe counts towards a resolution recipe lol!!