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Rain Rain Go Away


It has been raining almost non stop for the past week, and the last 3 days have been especially hard. Towns are cut off, roads and driveways washed away, and thousands of mandatory evacuations. After the devastating floods of last year, the emergency services are erring on the safe side.

It’s a washed out Australia Day for sure, no beach or BBQ for me. Thank god the┬áTriple J Hottest 100 goes on, rain hail or shine. I know loads of people who are flooded in, having ‘Island Parties’, to celebrate Australia Day.

This was the road that leads to the bottom of the high school

The bridge into town

Byangum Bridge, built in the last 6 or 7 years, as the old one kept getting washed out in floods...

Tumbulgum from the top of Tumbulgum Bridge

Tumby Pub... Not a bad place to get stuck!

The rains have eased off today, but are supposed to set back in again from tomorrow and last into next week… So I’ll probably be posting from a tinnie!

Need an ark? I Noah guy… :p

P.S I nicked most of these pics from friends on FB…