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Rain Rain Go Away


It has been raining almost non stop for the past week, and the last 3 days have been especially hard. Towns are cut off, roads and driveways washed away, and thousands of mandatory evacuations. After the devastating floods of last year, the emergency services are erring on the safe side.

It’s a washed out Australia Day for sure, no beach or BBQ for me. Thank god the Triple J Hottest 100 goes on, rain hail or shine. I know loads of people who are flooded in, having ‘Island Parties’, to celebrate Australia Day.

This was the road that leads to the bottom of the high school

The bridge into town

Byangum Bridge, built in the last 6 or 7 years, as the old one kept getting washed out in floods...

Tumbulgum from the top of Tumbulgum Bridge

Tumby Pub... Not a bad place to get stuck!

The rains have eased off today, but are supposed to set back in again from tomorrow and last into next week… So I’ll probably be posting from a tinnie!

Need an ark? I Noah guy… :p

P.S I nicked most of these pics from friends on FB…


Christmas Snaps


Christmas Pretties


Well Christmas has come and gone again, leaving scraps of wrapping paper, metal twisty ties, and cookie crumbs everywhere. Rather than write a post, I’m just going to dump a whole heap of photos..


Oof in the ball-pit he got for his birthday


The kitchen during my 4-day baking blitz

Once again, I went mental with the christmas cookies, and left it all up to the last minute.

Christmassy 'Whatever Floats Your Boat' Brownies, with Cherries floating this articular boat

I also made Chocolate Brownies and handed them out with the cookies. I thought the decorations were a cute, random, last minute idea.

Dipping fresh cherries in milk chocolate... yummmmm

I made some Chocolate dipped cherries to decorate the Black Forest Trifle I was making.


Making Gingerbread Men




The Kitchen after baking about a billion different things

I think I did about 40 loads of dishes during the baking blitz.

The Gingerbread dough resting in the fridge overnight, it was too sticky to use straight away


Cutting out dozens of little men made of ginger


White Chocolate & Macadamia Shortbread Trees, dipped in more White Chocolate and decorated with cachous


K's X-Mas present from Jo

My friend Jo popped up for a visit on Christmas Eve.

I almost told her not to because I had so much to do, but then decided her daughter could help me decorate the baked goods.

The finished cookie jar gifts

Jo decorated the jars for me while I made dinner – Vege Sausages, Potato Bake, Peas and Corn, with lots of butter, salt, pepper, and bbq sauce!


The white-milk choc marble tart I made for Christmas Eve dessert

Since I actually had some ingredients left over, Tyrin (Jo’s daughter) helped me make this tart for dessert.


I don't know what I would have done without Jo!

Jo wrapped all my presents for me while I wigged out in the kitchen, trying to finish all my baking, cooking dinner, dessert, feeding the kids, bathing them, putting them to bed and cleaning the house. Without her help I probably would have still been up at 3am trying to wrap presents.


Finally, everything finished, and it's only 1am!!

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for…


The boys waking up to their stockings


M teaching K to drive


A small portion of the loot

After we finished opening presents, I had intended to make pancakes for the boys for breakfast, but (wouldn’t you know it), my stove top blew up or shorted or something… I had just finished making the batter, too! I tried ‘bush mechanic’ some pancakes by using the electric wok, but it sooooo did not work out. It was a good thing that Jo had given K a banana for his gift, because he ended up having that for breakfast, while M had cookies!


By the time we got to Ferny, the pizza production was well underway, the house was covered in rubbish, and everyone was in a good mood.


Waiting for yummy pizza


Paul the Pizza Man (close relly of Con the Fruiterer)

Paul cooked some fabulous pizza’s, with lovely, fluffy bases. Special shout out to Mark for rolling the bases out using a jar of Capers, since no-one seemed to realise that the rolling pin was missing, until the critical moment.

P & Boy

P just made good friends with the silver chicken.

And to finish it all off, Black Forest Trifle for dessert..


I was a little nervous about making the trifle, since I have never made black forest trifle, and I was not really following a recipe, but made it up. It turned out really nicely though, and made a huge bowl. We finished off on Boxing Day. And don’t worry, recipes will come, I promise!


So how was your Christmas? What did you eat?



Kodak Moments


Well you are never going to believe this. I went to Robina yesterday to see if the Sony Center would be able to repair my camera. I bought it with 2 batteries, and 1 of them stopped charging. I plugged the charger in to different outlets around the house, and concluded that the problem definitely lay with the battery itself.

The young salesboy plugged the battery in and the light came on. I told him yeah but if you wait a few moments the light will turn back off again, it stops charging.’ He tried the other battery and the same thing happened. I was a little surprised, thinking ‘oh gosh I hope the other one hasn’t gone caput.’ Then he plugged the dead battery into the camera and turned it on.

‘The battery won’t charge cos it’s already full.’ He says to me.

Long story short, I felt like the biggest tool walking out of there.

But at least I have some pictures for y’all, finally!

1st, 2nd, 3rd!!

Bro made him a 'racing car'

K's birthday spot

Silly baby, wouldn't sit still for a christmas photo!

Christmas tree at night, stupid pic won't rotate!!

Birthdays, Beaches, Boardgames, and Bikes


Well it’s been a few weeks since the last update, and there has been a heap on to report about. Unfortunately though, my camera battery has stopped charging, so I have been unable to take any pictures to show, which has played a fair part in my not bothering to post.

M’s class had a Christmas party to celebrate the end of the year, and we made some gingerbread men and heated up some cheese and spinach triangles to send in. He came home very happy and excited about the party food and activities they did. And because I’m a selfish mummy I can’t remember any of them and couldn’t be bothered asking M because that means he will stop doing whatever has him so entertained and quiet, and will come and bother me instead. Unfortunately, the camera won’t work, so no pictures of the gingerbread men.

M is on school holidays now, and by 1.13 on Saturday, around lunchtime, I was already ready to strangle him. Can you say ‘Attitude’? The 2 boys who live near us and play with M every day, both went away on holidays with their families for Christmas, so M is going to be driving me crazy for the next 3 weeks, when one of them gets back. Lucky boy, he has gone to Fiji with his family. I was hoping maybe they would take M too, haha.

The other day the 3 of us went over to D’s house to play Cranium with Tanah, D’s son. He is M’s age and in the same school and grade so they play together a lot. We also made some gingerbread men for D and her kids, and wrote their names on them as well as decorated them with buttons and socks and smiley faces and hair. After we played, Tanah had a Muay Thai class to go to, and D offered to take M along and have a tester lesson. Within the hour there were photos of the boys doing sit ups, push-ups, kicks, blocks and more, on Facebook. M had a great time and wants to join the gym now, but at $15 a lesson or $100 a month for a membership, I think it’s a bit steep for me. I will re-assess after New Year though.

Like most other families, we put our tree up on December 1st. We bought a new tree, a little bigger than our last one. For some reason, the last tree we had was a white one, 1.2 meters high, and I hated it. We decided to replace it this year with a regular green one, and are very happy with it. It’ is now dripping in baubles which have come from mum’s collection, almost more than the tree can handle. Sadly though, I can’t find my little angel ornaments, which I thought she had.  Again, the stupid camera won’t work so no pictures. L

Yesterday was a special day for us, as K turned 1!! We had a nice, low-key day planned out, depending on certain mini-people and their moods. The weather lately has been far from summery, with the last week raining solidly. The last few days have started to clear slightly, with warmish, cloudy mornings and rainy afternoons. We got up early in the morning and let K play with the balloons I had blown up the night before, and left in the lounge room for him to discover, while I did a quick 1-2 on the house. We got our beach gear together and headed to the creek, hoping we would manage a few hours before the weather turned on us. Stupid camera wouldn’t work, so no pictures. L

We splashed about in the warm water for a few hours, even though it was very overcast, and menacing grey clouds were moving closer and closer. A few days ago we met up with D at a new spot along the creek we hadn’t been before. There is a little shop right on the water, hidden from the road. There are a few tables and chairs, built all crazy, into the trees which overhang the water. There are 3 swings tied into the trees where the kids can launch themselves into the water, and the shop sells everything from hot chips, pies and coffee, to sunscreen, bread and sunnies. They also hire out paddleboards and kayaks. Maybe one day…. Hmmm… We decided to go back to that spot again, and M had a few swings, while K enjoyed floating about in the new floatie he got for his birthday, and watching his brother from the water. We were just about to order some chips for lunch when the first heavy drops started plopping down on us and in the water, so instead we gathered our gear up and quickly headed home. Stooooooopid camera. No pictures. L

When we got home K was fast asleep, mouth open and snoring, so I popped him down for his nap, M disappeared with his 2 friends, and I got started making K’s birthday cake. I found a fairly decent, easy chocolate cake recipe, and while that was in the oven I made a chocolate ganache. I was unsure if I wanted to do a chocolate cake with chocolate icing or a plain butter cake with buttercream frosting, but in the end I decided since it was his birthday, I may as well make something really nice. The ganache sat on the kitchen bench cooling and setting, next to the cake that was cooling down, when K woke up. I got him and M a little lunch and then got them both cleaned up and we went to the Pines to get them a Santa photo. I have never taken them to get one before, and this year I thought I might make it a little tradition on K’s birthday. M hated Santa when I took him as a toddler. He was more interested in standing and sussing out Santa from a distance. Sta-hooopid camera. L

After we got back from the photo (which might I add, I was sort of disappointed in, but I guess for the price of a Santa photo you can’t really expect them to sit there and take 50 pictures, waiting for the silly birthday boy to smile or even look at the camera), I iced the cake and decorated the top with sliced strawberries and some sprinkles shaped like love hearts, and plopped a big 1 candle in the middle (stupid dumb camera!! L). I had bought party hats for us to wear but I actually forgot to pull them out; silly me. We sang Happy Birthday, and enjoyed a slice of cake, watching K spread it all over his face, hair, in his eyes, in his ears, and all over his shirt (cameraaaaa! L).

After K’s first hit of sugar, M disappeared with his friends again while I tried to keep the sugared up, rowdy, newly crawling monster baby under control. Unfortunately the rain had set in so no outside play, instead we played with his new ball pit, and romped about in the balloons. He was being such a spaz, laughing randomly at his foot, then throwing all the balls from the pit all over the house, then just making heaps and heaps of noise. We finished off the day with his favorite dinner of pesto pasta, and then a biiiiig, loooong bath to clean all the sand, chocolate and basil out of his cracks and holes. After I finally got K then M to bed, I set up camp on the lounge with the rest of the cake (hahahahaha, it’s good to be big and growned up), the remote, and a glass of milk, and didn’t move until I rolled my ass into bed.

It was a really nice day though, weather and all, and I also enjoyed the chance to finally wear the new swimsuit I bought myself, the first new swimsuit I have gotten in 4 years. Quite exciting! I bought them last week and naturally it rained for a week solid after I did. I am also forcing myself to wear the bikinis without any board shorts or a tee to hide in (thank god the camera doesn’t work hahaha), thinking that this may subliminally encourage me to continue with the healthy eating/exercising I am trying to make part of my routine. Not that I don’t eat healthy most of the time, it’s just that this time of year is very hard, with 6 packs of fruity mince pies on sale at Coles for $1.30, until the end of Christmas. So cheap and so yummy warmed up with a little ice cream or cream. Plus all the other yummy bits and pieces that come with Christmas. But in an act of good faith, I have finally moved my exercise bike from the garage into the lounge room, which I find very encouraging and useful. I end up using it much more regularly when I get the boys to bed, if it’s sitting right there. I can ride for 20-30 mins and watch TV, and for some reason this boosts me to get on it to start with.

Sooooo what else has been happening… finally finished my Christmas shopping, and was feeling very pleased that I wouldn’t have to brave the madhouse that is the week before Christmas at any mall across the western hemisphere, when the camera decided to shit itself. Now I need to get to the Sony Center before Boxing Day, to see if they will repair it, if it’s still under warranty. I bought it on Boxing Day last year, so I’m hoping it should be ok. If I get my ass in gear and get to Robina.

This Friday there is a free movie playing along the beachfront, I was thinking of taking the boys but I don’t think K will enjoy it too much, plus there have been heaps of mozzies out after the rain and they really really love his fresh, young, 52 week old blood. They smash him. He gets really bad bites too, they go all hard and red and welt up, and we have had some issues with them over the last few weeks. Plus the weather might not be very friendly towards a movie under the stars night. We’ll see… PLUS the movie is High School Musical (which M actually loves). Sounding less and less likely.

Anyway that’s about it for now; I have a whiney baby trying to climb up my legs. I will hopefully have a working camera and lots of pictures for my next installment.


Birthdays, Beaches and B*tches


Last week marked the celebration of Octoberfest in my family. For some silly reason, everyone got randy in the same week or so of February, and therefore one week in October is chock a block with birthdays. 2 of my older sisters start it off, on the 22nd and 23rd. My nephew is on the 24th. Another sister has a fake birthday on the 25th (scorpio wannabe much?). My Gramma is the 27th, and I’m the 28th. There are more birthdays – cousins, etc, but thats just the immediate fams. So we do Octoberfest and hit them all at once. One stone. Of course, since we are scattered globally, its not easy to do. Sad face.

For my birthday I had lunch with friends, then went to the local pub for a few drinks. My first proper night out! It turned into madness and left a really sour taste, but thats another story. The next day, a good friend of mine, Jo, came to visit me for only the second time in 2 years. It was only for about 2 hours, but totally awesome. Then, the next day she called and said she was going to the beach, and did I want to come? Yes! I even managed to talk her into going to Currumbin Beach. After the beach, we came back to my place with her daughter, brother, and bro’s friend to chill for a few hours before they left.

The next day (monday) was Halloween, and my friend Jade came over with her 2 year old son Tayne, and we took the boys trick-or-treating in the complex where I live. It was so cute, Tayne was dressed up as batman, and was totally uninterested in the whole event until he realised people were giving him candy. Then he was waaayyyyy into it! M was dressed as Dracula, and I put K in a little Superman suit. The boys scored, I was surprised at how much candy they got, considering Australia technically does not celebrate Halloween. There were heaps of other kids out doing it too.

Tuesday (yesterday), a friend of mine from my old old work, came down from Brisbane to stay the night with her boyfriend Clint. I am directly responsible for them being together, and they are such a cute couple. Think hipster, hippy, scientist, biochemical engineering, rock-climbing doofers. Thats Tara and Clint. Tara made a spinach and fetta lasagna and carrot cake, and brought it down with her for dinner. I  put on salad and fresh crusty bread, which we dipped in oil and vinegar. Our other friend from ye olde work, Nat, came with her husband and son, with garlic bread, guacamole, and cornchips. Not ‘The Best Guacamole’, but still okish… I’m a little spoiled now, I guess. We sat around on anything that was the right height, eating with whatever utensils we could find, drinking wine out of plastic cups, and laughed til our cheeks hurt. We laughed so loud that my drunken neighbour walked in my side gate, OPENED MY SIDE DOOR, and tried to join us. I was shocked, my friends thought I knew him, and it was a little confusing and scary until the guys almost forcibly got rid of him. Freaky. I think that since it was Melbourne Cup, he was getting on it all day, then probably came home and heard us laughing so loud and hard that he thought there was a party or something. Anyway.

After Nat and her family left, and I got the kids off to bed, Tara Clint and I sat up and chatted for a few more hours then hit the sack. This morning dawned so bright and warm that once I got M off to school, I convinced them to forget about driving home to study for exams, and come to the creek with K and I. It was so beautiful; not too windy, high tide, water was the perfect temp, and crystal clear. We splashed about for about 2 hours, then stopped to get some chips and head home.

After we polished them off, the crazy kooky scientists packed up and headed back to the big smoke, and I trundled off to get M  from school.


The most social I have been in months, maybe even years! All packed into 1 week. I had such a good time. I have some really, really awesome friends. I have some shitty ones too, but some make me smile so hard my skull falls out.


Photo’s to come 🙂


Oh! Here is a present from Tara and Clint. It’s great.


ok so I don’t know if that video will work, I don’t think it’s showing up, in which case go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIYvD9DI1ZA bloody stupid kiwi stuff.

Wiggy’s Bday, Beachin It, & I Eat Too Many Cupcakes


Now that the weather is warming right up, I have been trying to get the boys out to the creek or beach as much as possible. Unfortunately it has also been windy, which kind of ruins the perfect beach weather. Sad Face.

Sunday was a little pre-birthday bbirthday celebration for Wiggy. The little rascal is now 2, and my sisters family, myself, and the boys gathered at Kingscliff Creek for a picnic lunch and birthday cake. The day was nice and sunny, and while we were waiting to leave the house, I quickly made some (more) brownies for M’s school snacks. OK I lie they’re mostly for me but whatevs.

Kingi Creek was nowhere near as packed as Currumbin Creek gets on the weekend, and now I know why – it was so gross! Everyone in Kingscliff must head up to Currumbin now. Admittedly, it was low tide. But the beautiful old Kingi Creek is no longer there. The sand is sludgy and muddy, there are hardly any sandy beachy bits left, and what is there is not white sand, but is dark with blackish streaks. The last few years, the creek and beachfront have copped a bit of a battering. So much sand and dunes have washed away that even the road in one of the carparks has collapsed and is now cordoned off. The caravan park is being held up by scaffolding, the coastguard tower that used to stick out on the bar is almost an island, and the surf club is in danger of washing away. But in any case, it was interesting to see how it looks now.

We had a little trouble trying to find a good spot to set up camp, but eventually we did, and it was nice and private until some random lady’s WET DOG rocked up and shook itself all over us, the food, cake, drinks, and our various gear.

Wiggy had fun in the water though, as did M and K. I plonked K in the shallows and let him splash away, while M floated about on his bodyboard.

After we snacked out, had a slice of birthday cake, and watched him open some presents, the tide started coming in quite fast, so we decided to move camp up the bank to a picnic table that was nearby. From there, C and I looked after the 2 littlies while M went fishing with Wiggy’s dad and friend. M caught a fish, which was quite funny. Even though he doesn’t mind fishing, he is not especially interested in it, yet always manages to catch something.

C and I decided to build a farmyard for the animals that Wiggy got for a gift, while K crawled around exploring, and Wiggy fluttered in between the fishing and the serious business farm building.

All in all it was a nice afternoon, and a nice way to help celebrate Wiggy’s birthday.



Today was another warm day, and after spending the day cleaning, feeding, changing and rocking the little heffalump, I was ready to spend an hour at the creek after picking up M from school. I got to his school early, as his class was doing a presentation at the assembly. M had been going on about it for ages, and like the slack person that I am, I actually forgot about it, and was looking at the normally half full carpark that was full, wondering what was going on, until I realised it was probably full of all the other parents watching their kids performing. Luckily the performance had only just started, and I got some pics of M. He had a main speaking part and played his role very well.

After we left the school we headed straight to the creek but unfortunately the wind was much much stronger down there, and even though we splashed about a bit, it really was not a nice place to sit and pass the time. We watched some guys kite surfing for a while. We headed home after about 45 mins.

After we got home I whipped up (another) batch of cupcakes. I have run out of vanilla, so I used rosewater and holy cow they are good and maybe a little too good cos I have eaten 2 of them already and feel a little sick. I think I need to start posting diet recipes or something… or something… haha.


EDIT: Does anyone else notice how eerily similar this post is to Renovales? Mine went up first, you know!!! *coughcoughCOPYCATcoughcough*

Stuff this in your cake-hole!



Yesterday was the big day, M’s birthday. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I decided to make him a whole bunch of cookies & cream cupcakes to take to school and share with his classmates. Leading up to the day I started to worry a little. What if I burnt them, what if they didn’t rise properly, what if the oreo’s burned, what if I just couldn’t manage to wrangle a baby while baking and icing 30 odd cupcakes? Sounds pretty petty huh.

I bought the supplies and ingredients a few days earlier – 2 boxes of Greens vanilla cupcake mix, 1 tub of Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, a small stick of butter, 1 double box of Oreos, a single packet of Oreos, a tub of Mini-Oreos (the little tiny ones, about the size of a 5c piece), and some colorful paper wrappers.



I also have a tub of sour cream there, to use as an egg replacer, since we don’t eat eggs.

To start with, I turned on the oven to preheat, opened up the cupcake mix boxes, and made up the batter, following the instructions. It was a little cool that day, even though I had left the butter out for almost an hour to soften a little, it was still kinda hard so I pulled out my stick blender to tzuj it all up together for a minute or 2.

After I finished with the batter, I filled the cupcake tray with the paper wrappers, and then placed an Oreo in the base of each wrapper.



After filling the tray with wrappers, and placing an Oreo in the base of each wrapper, I poured the batter in using a 1/3 cup measuring scoop – it’s the perfect size.



Once the tray has been filled, I baked them in the oven for… I think it was about 23 minutes? By the time I got to around 16 minutes I started to smell a very very slight burning smell… hmmm. The cupcakes looked fine, though. They were cooking beautifully.

The first batch came out and I put them on the cooling rack and repeated everything over again – fill the tray with wrappers, Oreo in the base, top with batter, then back in the oven.

While all this was going on, K decided he was well and truly OVER playing on the floor in the kitchen (I usually give him a bright blue plastic juicer, a red tea strainer, and a plastic sushi mould to play with in there while I’m doing things), OVER playing with his toys in the lounge, and OVER his walker. While this batch was cooking I sat and fed him and played with him for a bit.



I ended up doing another half a tray after the second batch – 30 in total. While they were cooling, I started to crush up the Oreos for the frosting in a small bowl, until they were small chunks.  A few nights ago I did a small test run of the frosting, and decided that I had crushed up the Oreos too fine – I wanted to have some smallish chunks, enough so that you could actually taste the Oreo in the frosting. Once they were too fine, the flavour of the frosting actually took over, and it became vanilla frosting with blackish brownish flecks through it.  




After I crushed up the Oreos and mixed it through the frosting, I started to ice the now-cooled cupcakes. Again, K cracked it, so I ended up doing half of them while holding him, which was just stoooopid cos of course he just wanted to touch touch touch it all.



And then to finish it all off – top each cupcake with a Mini-Oreo! Just in case there is not quite enough sugar in it for you as is.




After I finished baking and icing them I stashed them in some plastic containers in the top of the pantry until the next day… All up it took me a little under 4 hours to make them!

That night I waited until M went to bed, and parked his birthday present – a new BMX bike – in his bedroom, with a big gold rosette on it. I went to bed expecting to be woken up with some squeals or shrieks or something, but instead he stumbled into my room around 7am and very sleepily said ‘Thanks for the new bike, mum’ before slipping into bed to snuggle with us. We lolled about in bed for about 20 mins before I said we had better get up if he wanted to be treated out to breakfast before school.



I got him ready for the school day, then we headed out with all the cupcakes. We stopped off at McDonalds for a birthday breakfast of hotcakes and OJ, then dropped him off at school. He was so proud walking into school with all his cupcakes, and all the other kids stopping, staring, and running over to check it out.



When I picked him up from school, his classmates were walking out saying ‘Thanks M’, and ‘Those were deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious’, and M was beaming. When we got home he unwrapped the rest of his presents – some clothes, a plasma lamp (one of those ones that looks like it has lightning bolts inside it), some stickers, and a new transformer.

While he was out and about, stickering up his bike, test riding it, and modelling his new clothes, I was picking up all the wrapping and tags, then started on his favourite dinner – Tacos! Yum. I love Tacos too, and they are quick and easy to make.



And then, in case you weren’t sick yet, after dinner came the birthday cake. Mud cake with vanilla ice cream. Yum. Of course, at that point M had had pancakes for breakfast, a cupcake for morning tea, only half a vegemite sandwich for lunch (and of course he skipped the apple I packed), and tacos for dinner (which he ate 2 whole tacos piled high with salad and beans). I seriously considered skipping the cake and icecream since he had had pancakes for brekky and the super sweet cupcakes at school, but decided it was a bit mean to bar candles and the Happy Birthday song, haha. It was only about 30 mins before I was due to pick him up from school that I changed my mind and decided to run down to the local and pick up some dessert. And I’m glad that I did, because really, singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles is the real deal moment for me.




And on that note, let me say that I am so glad that I don’t have to do all this for another 365 days… Oh. Hang on. The other kid. Damn…

Kyuss Lives! Except for you.


Yesterday I was offered a ticket to see a band. The show was already sold out, and although I had never heard any of the band’s music before, I thought it would be great to get out of the house and ‘amongst it’. It had been almost a year since I had been out, last time being my friend’s wedding last year. But I was 6 months pregnant at the wedding, and didn’t even enjoy a glass of bubbly to celebrate, given my ‘delicate state’ haha.

The friend who offered me the ticket is a huge fan of the band – she even named her son after them. And we always have great fun when we hang out together. So needless to say, I was pretty excited to head out. But, deep inside, there was the worry. I hadn’t been away from K at night before. Sure, I have been to get a haircut, pick up some milk or bread, or the occasional school run. But this would be for almost 4 hours. At night. Usually K sleeps solidly from around 8pm – 12am. There is the occasional deviation, but generally that’s how he rolls.

So last night I beautified myself (as much as I could, considering my wardrobe consists of pre-preggy clothes that no longer fit, preggy clothes that look like the wardrobe from the movie ‘Big Momma’s House’, or mumsy basics). I straightened my hair, put on some makeup (really going all out here), and my heels. Have not had a need to wear them since… the aforementioned wedding. Love wearing heels.

So I get to the venue, a popular local pub, frequented by the party pack. My friend isn’t there yet, so I ordered my first drink out in over a year – Corona with lime. And settle in to wait for her. While I wait for her, a random punter walks by and starts chatting. I respond in a friendly but not encouraging manner. My friend arrives, and I blow the random off. We head upstairs to the live music room, where I am greeted with heavy guitar riffs, the beating of the drum kit, and around 150 ‘stoner rock’ fans. There was loads of black, dreaddies, piercings, funny hats, and that ‘rock on’ hand gesture. You know the one.

Around a song and a half deep into the set, and I can feel the buzz-buzz buzz-buzz on my hip. It was the dreaded Phone Call.

I ran outside to the DOSA so I could hear better.

‘You’ve gotta come home.’ It was C.

‘Why?’ Even as I said it I realised I could hear K through the earpiece. Screaming. Like, big time.

‘He’s been like this since you left.’

‘OK, I’m leaving now.’

And I left.  A 4 second explanation to my friend, then I flew out the door. I got home in record time – no speeding, I swear… And back to my poor little baby. When I burst in the door, I could hear his hoarse little wail, see his red swollen eyes, his little body curled into C’s. I grabbed him from C and cuddled him close, laid down with him and fed  him.

Eventually, like, 40 mins later, he finally settled. And I sank onto the couch. I admit, I was eager to jump in the car and catch the end of the concert. But I knew I wouldn’t. I knew I was where I should be.

I was disappointed, for sure. But I guess it’s just another sacrifice in parenthood. Last night, it felt like a big one. But you know what? This morning, in the bright morning sunshine, snuggled up with K while he is all sweet and sleepy, it’s not a big deal.

Not at all.

It’s fine.

And so it begins…


Ok, so I have been thinking of blogging for a few years. I have always hesitated, because I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say. But then I look back over my life in the last few years, and realise I have had so many exciting things happen to me.

I have left my country (Australia), and road tripped the West Coast of the USA with my son when he was just 4. I was based in Las Vegas, and hit up Mexico and Hawaii. I got home in time to be the Hag of Honor at my little sisters wedding. I met and fell in love with a wonderful man, who it turns out, I have known since I was 6. I got engaged. I started Uni. I moved interstate. I got pregnant and had a baby. I took a break from Uni to be a mumma again.

All the while, I partied. Hard. Well, ok, not while I was pregnant. But the rest of the time was filled with boozy club crawls, tequila shots & dirty martinis, dancing in the middle of the bush to hypnotic trance tunes, random and hilarious encounters, loads of vom, and some seriously embarrassing Kodak moments.

See, I became a mumma when I was just 18, which is the legal age here in Australia. So while my friends were out getting their drink on, and, well, being young adults, I was at home changing nappies, paying bills, and worrying about what to cook my family for dinner. Then all of a sudden I found myself as a single parent. It took me almost a year, but by the time my son was 3 I was making up for all the time I had lost. While being a single working parent. When I found myself burning out, I packed it all in, bundled my son and I up, and hit the skies. We spent around 6 months travelling, visiting family, and having new experiences. And since I was based in Vegas, suffice to say there was still a lot of partying. It wasn’t easy. But it was all part of my journey.

Now the partying has died down, and I have 2 beautiful boys.

I’m currently taking a break from my degree, and decided that maybe writing this blog would be the best way to keep my mind sharp. Blowing raspberries and singing nursery rhymes is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But some days I feel a little stagnant. I see a bookstore and it’s like the call of the wild. I talk to friends who are deep into their degree’s, and start to feel out of my depth.

Like, I’m really good when it comes to building a tower with blocks, but I can’t remember how to build a cumulative sentence.

So. this blog is born. I named it domestic dreamer, because I’m always dreaming about how wonderful my future will be ‘if I can just have HER hairstyle’, ‘if I can just get that floor lamp’, ‘if I can bake those triple chocolate chip cookies’, ‘if I can just get the latest John Grisham’, or most importantly, ‘if I can just finish my freaking degree, get an awesome job, and make loads of money!’

So bear with me while I try to get there…