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I just couldn’t wait…


So I’m sitting up late and everyone has gone to bed. It’s awesome cos I get to watch crappy TV like the Sex & the City movie really interesting and informative shows that no-one else in the house wants to watch. And I just came across this video and I didn’t want to wait to share it with y’all..

ok ok I lie. There are 2 video’s. But so what, you totally have the time or else you wouldn’t even be here wasting it. So do your ass a favor and watch them. Both somewhat surprising and funny and cool and yeah. Awesome.

 This one is just hilarious, and totally not what I was expecting. At first I was like ‘Yeah whatevs buddy, the net is full of this kinda shit’ but then by the end I was honestly thinking ‘Omg this kid is freaking AH-ma-zing!’

And when this one first started it took me about 4 seconds to realise what was going on, but then I was like ‘Hey ok yeah I geddit hang on woah man he’s going left now this shitz crazy whats gonna happen!’.

So. Tell me whatcha think.

Oh. And FYI? Carrie with dark hair? So Wrong.


Here’s Johnny!


I’m Ba-aack!!

And I know you all missed me so so much didn’t even notice…

Finally got my new modem and connection sorted out.. Still have 101 other bills to pay, but I was going a little crazy trying to use my phone for everything.. It just aint the same!

So. Stand by for more brilliant posts, courtesy of yours truly!

And in the meantime, here are a bunch of links that y’all should just love.

This guy (or girl?) has such a cute way of presenting recipes, I don’t necessarily cook any of it but I love reading them. Maybe one day I will. This lady cooks some of the best looking cupcakes I have ever seen, and I drool just about every time I see them. This is a funny post that I think reminds us all of someone we know. And a definition of Karma that I can dig. This is one of my favourite sites of all time. And I gotta admit, this made me do a double take.

Anyway, hope you find something interesting in there.

Until we meet again….

Come on, New Inventors!


My poor baby has croup! It sux! He sounds so sad and sore and hoarse, it just breaks my heart. He is not sleeping well, and wakes up all congested and inconsolable several times in a night. He is on some heavy meds, so hopefully all will be well in a few days.. Which got me thinking, ‘when will someone invent the Make It All Better Right Now pill?! Do you recommend anything for croup in a 5 month old?

Kyuss Lives! Except for you.


Yesterday I was offered a ticket to see a band. The show was already sold out, and although I had never heard any of the band’s music before, I thought it would be great to get out of the house and ‘amongst it’. It had been almost a year since I had been out, last time being my friend’s wedding last year. But I was 6 months pregnant at the wedding, and didn’t even enjoy a glass of bubbly to celebrate, given my ‘delicate state’ haha.

The friend who offered me the ticket is a huge fan of the band – she even named her son after them. And we always have great fun when we hang out together. So needless to say, I was pretty excited to head out. But, deep inside, there was the worry. I hadn’t been away from K at night before. Sure, I have been to get a haircut, pick up some milk or bread, or the occasional school run. But this would be for almost 4 hours. At night. Usually K sleeps solidly from around 8pm – 12am. There is the occasional deviation, but generally that’s how he rolls.

So last night I beautified myself (as much as I could, considering my wardrobe consists of pre-preggy clothes that no longer fit, preggy clothes that look like the wardrobe from the movie ‘Big Momma’s House’, or mumsy basics). I straightened my hair, put on some makeup (really going all out here), and my heels. Have not had a need to wear them since… the aforementioned wedding. Love wearing heels.

So I get to the venue, a popular local pub, frequented by the party pack. My friend isn’t there yet, so I ordered my first drink out in over a year – Corona with lime. And settle in to wait for her. While I wait for her, a random punter walks by and starts chatting. I respond in a friendly but not encouraging manner. My friend arrives, and I blow the random off. We head upstairs to the live music room, where I am greeted with heavy guitar riffs, the beating of the drum kit, and around 150 ‘stoner rock’ fans. There was loads of black, dreaddies, piercings, funny hats, and that ‘rock on’ hand gesture. You know the one.

Around a song and a half deep into the set, and I can feel the buzz-buzz buzz-buzz on my hip. It was the dreaded Phone Call.

I ran outside to the DOSA so I could hear better.

‘You’ve gotta come home.’ It was C.

‘Why?’ Even as I said it I realised I could hear K through the earpiece. Screaming. Like, big time.

‘He’s been like this since you left.’

‘OK, I’m leaving now.’

And I left.  A 4 second explanation to my friend, then I flew out the door. I got home in record time – no speeding, I swear… And back to my poor little baby. When I burst in the door, I could hear his hoarse little wail, see his red swollen eyes, his little body curled into C’s. I grabbed him from C and cuddled him close, laid down with him and fed  him.

Eventually, like, 40 mins later, he finally settled. And I sank onto the couch. I admit, I was eager to jump in the car and catch the end of the concert. But I knew I wouldn’t. I knew I was where I should be.

I was disappointed, for sure. But I guess it’s just another sacrifice in parenthood. Last night, it felt like a big one. But you know what? This morning, in the bright morning sunshine, snuggled up with K while he is all sweet and sleepy, it’s not a big deal.

Not at all.

It’s fine.

I (don’t) Like To Move It Move It!



Blech. I’m moving house. And if there is one thing that I hate, it’s moving house. Actually, I don’t mind moving, I hate packing. And then unpacking. And the inevitable vacating clean. I’m not moving very far – only about 25 meters away. I live in an estate, and I’m moving to a different unit within the estate. I’m happy about the new digs, it feels brighter, cleaner, bigger. Better. I’m currently in a townhouse, and the new place has no stairs, which will be great when K starts crawling. It also has a (teeny tiny) back and front yard.


The house I am in now is the first place I have ever lived that doesn’t have a yard. And baby, I’m feelin it. Like, it might sound weird, but I feel totally hemmed in, having no grass around me.

Anyway. So it got me thinking. I realised I have moved SO. MANY. TIMES. Like, possibly on average around once every year and a half.

McPhail Ave. Can’t remember the next street name. Hall Drive. Brisbane Street. Barnaby Street. Ferny Road. Tyalg Road. Gibson Street. Beaver Ave. Ferny Road again. Brisbane Street again. And then where I am now.

So. 12 times in the… 11 years I have been out of home. Thats a shitload, and you would think I would be an awesome packer by now. And in some ways I am. Like, a few moves ago I got fed up with scrounging out the back of the supermercado for old frozen potato chip boxes, went to the local storage joint, and bought 10 massive moving boxes. And after I used them for that move, I kept them, cos they were awesome. So at least I have the boxes sorted. But this time around, I am wrangling a baby. C works night-shift, so he is asleep all day, then off to work just as I am getting M home from school and starting the ’emptyyourlunchboxandgetyourhomeworkstarted’ battle. So not much help. I have approx 4 days left til I get the keys to the new house, and I have packed 3 boxes.

Time to get my thumb out, hey?! After I finish watching Winners and Losers…

Procrastination. The moving girl’s enemy.

And so it begins…


Ok, so I have been thinking of blogging for a few years. I have always hesitated, because I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say. But then I look back over my life in the last few years, and realise I have had so many exciting things happen to me.

I have left my country (Australia), and road tripped the West Coast of the USA with my son when he was just 4. I was based in Las Vegas, and hit up Mexico and Hawaii. I got home in time to be the Hag of Honor at my little sisters wedding. I met and fell in love with a wonderful man, who it turns out, I have known since I was 6. I got engaged. I started Uni. I moved interstate. I got pregnant and had a baby. I took a break from Uni to be a mumma again.

All the while, I partied. Hard. Well, ok, not while I was pregnant. But the rest of the time was filled with boozy club crawls, tequila shots & dirty martinis, dancing in the middle of the bush to hypnotic trance tunes, random and hilarious encounters, loads of vom, and some seriously embarrassing Kodak moments.

See, I became a mumma when I was just 18, which is the legal age here in Australia. So while my friends were out getting their drink on, and, well, being young adults, I was at home changing nappies, paying bills, and worrying about what to cook my family for dinner. Then all of a sudden I found myself as a single parent. It took me almost a year, but by the time my son was 3 I was making up for all the time I had lost. While being a single working parent. When I found myself burning out, I packed it all in, bundled my son and I up, and hit the skies. We spent around 6 months travelling, visiting family, and having new experiences. And since I was based in Vegas, suffice to say there was still a lot of partying. It wasn’t easy. But it was all part of my journey.

Now the partying has died down, and I have 2 beautiful boys.

I’m currently taking a break from my degree, and decided that maybe writing this blog would be the best way to keep my mind sharp. Blowing raspberries and singing nursery rhymes is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But some days I feel a little stagnant. I see a bookstore and it’s like the call of the wild. I talk to friends who are deep into their degree’s, and start to feel out of my depth.

Like, I’m really good when it comes to building a tower with blocks, but I can’t remember how to build a cumulative sentence.

So. this blog is born. I named it domestic dreamer, because I’m always dreaming about how wonderful my future will be ‘if I can just have HER hairstyle’, ‘if I can just get that floor lamp’, ‘if I can bake those triple chocolate chip cookies’, ‘if I can just get the latest John Grisham’, or most importantly, ‘if I can just finish my freaking degree, get an awesome job, and make loads of money!’

So bear with me while I try to get there…

Check check, 1-2, 1-2..


Well hello to all of you mysterious blog lurkers. You must have missed a turn back there somewhere to have come this far.

Well, now that you are here, why don’t you sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

See that tumbleweed that just blew by? Yeah, that one.

Well, don’t pay it any mind.

Cos it’s about to get crackalakin up in  here!