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5 Things…


5 Things I NEED (ok I guess the word I should have used here is WANT) to buy

–          For the house

More plastic containers – all of my ones are missing their mates – lids ran away with the spoon…

3M hooks – the kind that don’t rip the paint off the wall when you pull them off, so I can hang all my bloody paintings already.

Door snakes, cos it is freezing in here right now.

Cutlery (or else I can just get up off my ass and find the cutlery that is still hiding out in some box somewhere)…

Shower hangers – you know, the kind that you hang on the shower head, that you pile up all of your shampoo, conditioner, and soap in.

–          For the kids

Winter clothes because I seem to have given birth to weeds not children, given the rate they grow at.

A plastic climbing gym for the yard so K has something fun to crawl over. When he starts crawling.

Batteries for all the stupid musical toys, Playstation & Xbox controllers etc, that have all gone flat.

Some dishes for baby food. Or maybe I will raid my mom’s stuff when she goes to raid her own stuff for winter clothes.

Some sort of toy organizing system for K’s room… well he has some big plastic tubs for his toys to go inside; maybe what I want is a kid who keeps his toys organized lol.

–          For meeee

Some new shoes – sandals, boots, runners, I’m not picky.

A new winter coat, even though I really love my big grey wooly cardy/shawl type thingy and wear it everywheeeeere.

Some new tee’s, trackies, and jammies. I get so sick of wearing what feels like the same things over and over again. I only have 2-3 winter jam-jams, and I wear them every night. Summer is ok cos I just wear a big tee or a singlet, but in winter I suddenly realize I don’t have enough warm jammies! Or socks!

Some new sunnies! My last pair broke over a month ago and I have been too tied up with bills to get a new pair 😦

Some new books! Have not bought a new book in… years. Or maybe just an e-reader?? 😀


What do you desperately need or want at the moment?



Stuff I want to make, but for whatever reason I’m not.


There are so many projects that I want to do, but I honestly don’t have the money for the materials, space to do the project, time on my own to devote to it, or skills to get the thing done. I have started and never finished so many projects in the past that I don’t even bother anymore. I can’t sew, and realised that when I tried to make some patchwork cushions out of vintage kimono material. I suck at woodwork, which became apparent to me when I tried to fix a little folding stool. And I can’t weld and lets just leave that one there… Maybe I’ll just make a little garden my next project? Because I really need to do something. Soon. As much as I like it, I’m sick of watching Ellen and The View every day.

There are heaps of cute little thingies I want to make and have all for myself.

Like this flokati rug, except it looks like it takes ages? But cheap to make! and pretty easy, if a bit repetitive. I would pick a combination of different colors, maybe a peach/pink/lemony sort of sunrise type set, although for some reason I am actually drawn to the grey one she has made.

I want these magnets, except I would go a little further and make them out of newspaper cuttings, photos, origami paper, wrapping paper, almost anything! It would be so cute. But I do really like her idea of just using Pantone chips.

I also want one of these as a hair clip, but I’m not really into the mustard colored one she is wearing. I concede that the mustard thing looks good on some people but I’m not really willing to test it out. It’s freaking mustard! But I wouldn’t mind it in almost any other color. Maybe a nice deep purple or an emerald or something? with a pretty jewelled button in the center. Or a diamante sparkly silvery blackish one. I dunno. I just want one.

And then when I have one of them I want someone to come and plait my hair like thiisssss.

And I want to make nearly every single one of these suitcase ideas, especially the chair, and the vanity is cute too. The chair looks so different, it would be cool in a shabby chic kind of room, not that any room in my house is shabby chic. It’s… eclectic

And I want an upholstered headboard 😦 I don’t like the fabric she has chosen but I guess it would look nice in a little boys bedroom. I would like to be able to sit up in bed and read a book without 14 pillows piled up behind my head and back. And this one actually looks really really easy – all you need is some mdf or chipboard, the fabric, batting, and a wood stapler.

I want these sushi pillows, and these kimono pillows. I love sushi, and I think these are so fun looking. M loves sushi, so maybe he could have some avocado pillows. That’s his favorite roll. The kimono pillows look so comfy, and I want to throw myself down on that pile. You can almost see that they have this homely, sort of soft, safe feeling. Does that make sense?

I want one of these doily lamp shades, I think a black one would look really different, quite edgy. Normally a black shade cover might be too dark, but since it is a doily and has heaps of light peeking out through the holes, it shouldn’t be so dark, right?

And my very small collection of jewellery is so tangled, knotted, and in different places (some in little dishes and boxes on my dresser, some on my bathroom vanity, the rest still in boxes. Yeah. Still haven’t touched the stupid garage.) So I want one of these jewellery display frames.

Oh for Pete’s sake I could go on all day making a list of things I want but couldn’t be bothered making. So. Can you make me one? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?


Who’s winning now, Biatch!


OMG I’m watching Winners and Losers and it is frigging riveting! Maybe it’s the fact that I now spend my days watching Yo Gabba Gabba, C-Beebies and The Octonauts, but it is so good to have a decent Aussie show to watch, that is not totally cheezy. Other than Rush and East West 101, there are hardly any Aussie dramas I like. The options are all hospital dramas or police dramas, or about a bunch of people who live in a close proximity to each other… *coughcoughneiiiiiiiiiiighbouuuuuuuuurscoughcough*

For those of you who don’t know the show, it’s about a group of girls who were best friends but drifted apart after high school. They reunite after their reunion, and on a whim, buy a lottery ticket. And win. The show follows the changes in their lives after becoming millionaires. It’s a fun show, with some interesting themes explored.


 The episode tonight was about a car crash, and followed each characters point of view during the aftermath.

I really like the girl who plays Sophie Wong, or So Wong, as the bitchy girls from school used to call her. She is so funny in the Dare ad, and I always giggle when I remember it.

So what do you guys watch?

Home is…


I thought I would throw a little get-together.. But I don’t really have room for it here at my house.

So I will have it at my weekend house.

You are invited. But you must bring cocktail fixings.


If you get lost trying to find it..

It’s the one thats shaped like a leaf.


When you come down the driveway, I want you to realise that this place is for chillaxin. Thats why there are hammocks at my door.



Pardon? You wanna go swimming? Thats cool. My pool sort of looks like a stem. I meant to do that.

So it’s meant to be green.


When we play Quelf we are gonna need a pretty big table.



This is my bedroom.


And this is where I get my massages.


If you have trouble getting here, I can arrange transport for you.


So I’ll see you next weekend, yeah?

Got Personality?


I just did a personality test, one I had done years ago. I had lost the results of the orginal test, and it had come up in conversation recently, so I decided to do it again.

This one is supposed to be pretty good, and based on your personality type, outlines your relationships, suitable career choices, and personality growth.

Because I had done this years ago, I was half expecting that I would have different results. After all, as you go through life, your different experiences would leave an imprint on your personality, and therefore your answers, right?


I got the same results as I did 4 years ago.

And even though I think the personality description is pretty spot on, in other ways I was really surprised, and even secretly annoyed. It said I am an introvert, which is certainly not what I was described as all throughout my childhood, school aged even my early teenage years. I have always been pretty loud, outgoing, and in certain situations, obnoxious. I had been told as a student that if I was less concerned with my social life and more with my studies, I would have done much better with school. Actually, it was worded much more delicately – ‘If she applied herself more… bla bla bla’.. Not that I ever struggled with the schoolwork. More that I was enjoying myself too much to bother with it much. But I still got by, even being in the highest learning bands for most of my subjects.

I can recognise that now, as an adult, and given the situations I have found myself in as an adult, I have toned down. I don’t want people to know the real me. I guess I’m not trusting anymore. I open up to my close friends and family, and that’s it. I don’t even open up to C’s family anymore. I learnt my lesson there. When I have a few drinkies in me, I open up to strangers, but not about personal stuff. I just get louder and sillier. But drinkies is something I never do anymore. So I guess it’s safe to say that I have made myself an introvert. Is that even possible? To MAKE yourself a something?

When I first did the test 4 years ago, I remember being surprised at the careers it said would be the most suited for my personality type. One or two of them seemed interesting. Most of them were nothing like me at all. Like, I have never. Had. Any. Interest. In. That. Field.

Clergy? LOLLLLL. Nursing? I have been told I would make a good nurse, but all that bodily fluid and mess? No Thanks. Bookkeeping? Boooooring. Home Economics? You mean, what I do now? Ha. Maybe I should throw myself into parenting and just suck it up. The personality test said so.

So since I am surprised at the personality type it labels me and pretty unexcited about the careers, I wonder if I can make myself another personality type, one that has some more exciting traits. Or at least one that lines up with the degree I’m doing!

What do YOU think? Go do the test and talk to me about it. Do you agree or not? What do you think about changing your personality type – is it possible, and if so, how? Can you work on it, or is it something that life does to you?

Personality Test




It’s time for some link lovin!

Hope you are all having a great weekend, wherever you are. I have a house full of boys, who are sitting up watching Batman Begins. They all started to crave for something sugary and sweet, so C made my double chocolate chip cookies, But since I have run out of vanilla essence, he used rose essence. Aaaand they kind of taste like Turkish Delight! He pulled a Homer.

So, here are some things to interest you, if you are looking to fill up those lazy afternoons as you enjoy the weekend.

Sick of your wardrobe, and the same old looks that everyone seems to be wearing? Looking for some new tee’s? Somethinggggg…. Different? Check this place out. And don’t complain to me that you can’t afford it. Yes you can.

And I bags this place. And this place.

And what’s up with this hair, what do you think? Or would you rather it stood out a little more? I think it would be fun! But maybe just for a weekend or something. And I would definitely have to go out dancing if I had it!

Got some kids harassing you? And you want to give them something to do, something that does not include any ‘station’ or ‘box’, the TV, computer… Something a little more wholesome? Why not try this out? Or looking for something to hit the sweet spot… But not too sweet? Something that won’t spoil dinner maybe? Then check this out! It is such a great idea, I can’t wait to try it myself.

GAHHH that will have to do for now. There were a few more I wanted to show you but they will have to wait til next time..

Enjoy your weekend!



Mhhhhh Yummy


I just had an awesome idea. Let me start at the beginning. A friend dropped by this morning, and was cuddling K. She left a few hours ago, but I can still smell her perfume on him. Usually he smells all yummy and cuddly and sweet and squishy and edible. Now he smells all yummy and cuddly and sweet and squishy and edible, and vanilla milkshaky (I don’t know what kind of perfume she had on but that is my interpretation). So of course my brilliant self has decided to share with y’all my idea –

Howzabout someone invent a perfume that smells like baby (nice baby not stinky-something-just-died-inside-my-butt baby) and milkshakes?


Yep. Someone should suss that out. Then just hit me up for where to send my cheque to.


EWWWW just as I finished writing this, K had an attack of ‘stinky-something-just-died-inside-my-butt-baby’.

All. Over. My. Pants.