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Stay-Cay over school holidays


Well the last few weeks have been a bit full on. Lots happening. Over the last 7 days, my mother (who is visiting from overseas) has been staying at a beachfront resort about 15 km’s from my house. While she was there, my younger sister and one of my older sister’s travelled from various parts of the country with their children, so we have had a mini reunion of sorts. Kiddie tantrums, grown up tantrums, spilled food, baby brawls, and chlorine-burnt eyes galore. Fun, fun.

We passed the days playing pictionary (well, we tried. SOME of us find the all-play too ‘tiring’.), building sand castles, whale and dolphin spotting, chasing bunnies, enjoying the sun, and Wii tournaments.  

The Wiggsta


The Wiggsta and his Mumma, my lil sis


Wiggy enjoying his after-lunch pre-dinner snack


K enjoying a mouthful of sand


Me, K and a beautiful Kingscliff sunset


K and his nanna hat


Boy and his mumma, my big sis




Here’s Johnny!


I’m Ba-aack!!

And I know you all missed me so so much didn’t even notice…

Finally got my new modem and connection sorted out.. Still have 101 other bills to pay, but I was going a little crazy trying to use my phone for everything.. It just aint the same!

So. Stand by for more brilliant posts, courtesy of yours truly!

And in the meantime, here are a bunch of links that y’all should just love.

This guy (or girl?) has such a cute way of presenting recipes, I don’t necessarily cook any of it but I love reading them. Maybe one day I will. This lady cooks some of the best looking cupcakes I have ever seen, and I drool just about every time I see them. This is a funny post that I think reminds us all of someone we know. And a definition of Karma that I can dig. This is one of my favourite sites of all time. And I gotta admit, this made me do a double take.

Anyway, hope you find something interesting in there.

Until we meet again….