Almost one year to the day later, and I finally got on the paddleboard!! You may remember my previous post whinging about the friend who got a paddleboard.. Well this morning after I dropped M off at school, I drive by the beach for a quick squiz. Not a wave in sight, completely flat! On a whim, I took a photo and sent it to my friend, saying it was a perfect day for sup if she wasn’t busy. She wrote me back almost immediately and said great idea! I was stoked, then got my gear together and headed down.
By the time we got down there, the wind had picked up, unfortunately, but I did not let that deter me.
I only had a quick go, but I did do it properly, and most importantly, didn’t fall off!! Yayy!!
There were heaps of jellyfish in the water, boats going past, and a wind that got stronger by the minute. But it was still awesome.
So now I want a paddleboard hahaha!!


this is a screen shot she took of me


Kid thinks he can paddleboard!


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