Homemakers Block..


Ok I have been considering how to word this post for some time, and have decided to just lay it down.. I have cooking block! As in, I can’t decide what to cook for my next resolution recipe. But that kind of allows for some fun.

So I’m thinking, you can choose! I want submissions for a new resolution recipe.

The boring stuff:
Recipe must be vegetarian, simple and reasonably healthy.
Must not call for any random specialised ingredients – I’m not buying real vanilla beans, spelt flour or edible gold dust.
Don’t forget the photo of my depleted baking supplies if you are thinking of cakes cookies or slices. I have some stuff, just not loads.
Submissions may be made in the comments section, and I would prefer if you have tried out the recipe already, so I know its worth a try.

Sooo have a think about it peeps.. You have about a week or so. There may even be a prize for the winning entry! No promises haha.

Get to it!


EDIT: I have included a list of what I have in my pantry and refrigerator right now. I don’t mind having to buy 1 or 2 items but as I said, nothing too fancy!



Cheese, vege sausages, gerkins, Tom Yum paste, black bean sauce, baked beans, miso paste, balti curry paste, yellow curry paste, organic natural yogurt (berry), butter, sour cream, broccoli, pumpkin, lettuce, felafel balls, capsicum, carrott, cabbage, tomatoes, basil paste, mustard, sweet chilli sauce, milk, tapatio sauce, balsamic dressing, ‘chicken’ snitzel, puff pastry, frozen garlic bread, frozen spinach, frozen peas, frozen corn, 3 bananas



Salt & Pepper, olive/vege oil, soy sauce, salsa, onion gravy powder, mexican chilli powder, oregano, golden syrup, ‘chicken’ stock, vegetable stock, balsamic vinegar, tinned diced tomatoes, tinned kidney beans, tinned lentils, baking cocoa, peach slices, mi goreng (bout to eat these for dinner though) potato bake sachets, bread crumbs, weet bix,fettucine, pasta spirals, corn chips, bicarb soda, vanilla essence, almond essence, rose essence, cachous, onion, garlic, raw/brown/white sugar, vegemite, peanut butter, potatoes, bread, tortillas, plain flour, SR flour.


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  1. I have an idea…why don’t you make a list of items in your cupboard and then let us pick ingredients and catagory, such as chili powder, chocolate and peanut butter/main dish! Ok, maybe not so ridiculous but you get the idea. This is so that we can work with what you have.

    To start, although I don’t know what you have in your cupboard – stab in the dark – papadams, curry powder and tomatoes (too easy), and mb some yoghurt if you have. Side dish…

  2. I think you should make baked ricotta with home-made salsa and home-made bread. You’ve got lots of the ingredients for it now.

    There are loads of great bread recipes on the web, including one that’s no-knead. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard its fantastic. Or else buy one of those fantastic batards from Coles bakery. They’re about $2 each.

    Get about 400g fresh ricotta from deli, mix with about 30g parmesan/regular cheese, and if you want/have some, 1 egg. press into a prepared tin and bake on high for about an hour.

    Dice up about 4 of your fresh tomatoes, 1/4 of a red onion, 2 T vinegar, loads of chopped fresh coriander, maybe some tobasco? and drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

    When your ricotta is toasted on top, cut into wedges, top with the salsa and have the bread toasted on the side.

    So so yummy. That is my suggestion.

    • yum that sounds pretty good… course, most of the items I listed have been eaten now. but today is grocery day, and since you are the only  suggestion I will make sure I pick up the ingredients!!

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  3. Oops, I left out half the method and ingredients for the salsa! Here it is:

    Dice up about 4 of your fresh tomatoes, and slice up two cloves of garlic. In a frypan over high heat fry up the garlic with 1/4 of a cup of olive oil and tomatoes until skin peels and softens. Remove from heat, spoon into serving bowl, add in 1/2 T sugar, 1/4 of a diced red onion, 1 T vinegar, loads of chopped fresh coriander, maybe some tobasco? and season with salt and pepper.

    In the recipe book (Vegetarian for Honeymooners) they suggest lots of fresh basil leaves instead, and it really is yummy like that, but I think that coriander is more salsa-y, and might be better?

    I hope this gets you before you have finished the shopping….!

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