Green beans and blueberries


Last week I made a new recipe to add to my resolutions recipe database. I was actually really unhappy with the way it turned out. It didn’t taste especially bad, just not all that great. I don’t think I will be making it again. Green bean casserole is not a common Australian dish, it is mostly found in the US on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Made with mushroom soup and onion rings, it is baked until (as the picture suggests) it becomes casseroleish. Well mine got stuck halfway between soup and casserole. I even made my own onion rings since we do not have Frenchs fried onions in oz. they tasted great. But overall, I was unhappy enough with the finished product to not bother trying it again.
In other news, yesterday I made another batch of Muesli, this time with mixed nuts and dried blueberries. Delish! Keeper for sure. I lowered the oven temp to 120c and it was perfect. M and I are it with yogurt and banana for dessert last night. Sooo good.

Not much more going on. Weather still sucks, going back and forth between rainy and muggy. Today is muggy. Planning a family vacay for the end of the year. Praying for a Lotto win to cover passports haha. Still doing baby rhyme time, K is starting to warm to the other kids there.

Went to my uncles birthday bbq on sunday, caught up with some family I have not seen in a year or more. It was a really nice afternoon, with good good and company. Will see if I can figure out how to load pics from my phone to this post.

I think that’s about it from me!






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  1. Oh, wish I could’ve come! Plus, the casserole sounds gross but the museli sounds betterer and betterer. I think I might make some too.

    I’m glad you’ve persisted with Rhymetime. I hope that the Goofy one likes it.

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