I Kill (Eat) Cupcakes for Breakfast!


Today was a beautiful day, after a few days of stormy skies, lightning, thunder, and quick but heavy downpours. We decided to enjoy it by spending the morning at the creek.


The eerie color of the sky during the storm


Unfortunately, so did everyone else in Currumbin. The place was packed. Luckily though, I managed to get a carpark reasonably close to the waterfront, although it was not the best part of the creek for a dip. Better for people who are kayaking or paddleboarding. At one point I counted 11 paddleboards and 6 kayaks! Oh well. It’s a beautiful creek, and it’s nice that everyone is able to enjoy it too.

Chillaxin at the creek



When we got home, one of the kids who lives nearby came over looking for M, so he disappeared outside to play. K was having a nap, so I decided to make some Vanilla Cupcakes. I have had a hankering to make cupcakes for a week or so, for some reason, and decided that it was the perfect day to do so.

Halfway through making them, I decided to mix it up a bit and make them lemon-vanilla. Easy enough. They turned out beautifully light, fluffy, and just a subtle hint of lemon, which is just the way I like it. I was really happy with them.

If you make them, let me know how they turn out for you!


Lemon-Vanilla Cupcakes

(well actually this is the recipe for vanilla cupcakes, but I popped in when I added the lemon etc)


125g butter, softened

150g (2/3 cup) caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 large eggs

188g (1 1/4 cup) self-raising flour

125g (1/5 cup) milk



1 1/4 cup icing sugar

1 Tbspn butter

1 Tbspn boiling water



Preheat oven to 180c, and line a 12 cup muffin tray with liners.

Beat butter, sugar and vanilla together in a large bowl. If using electric mixer, start on low then turn up to high after a minute. I did it the old fashioned way, with elbow grease. Keep mixing until it gets light and creamy.



Add one egg to the bowl and continue to mix for a minute longer, then add the other egg.

Sift in about 1/2 the flour (around 2/3 cup) over the butter mix, and stir with a spoon or on low, until just incorporated.

Add about half the milk (around 1/4 cup) and mix in gently, until just combined. At this point, the mix will probably look a wee bit funky.


How funky is your chicken, how funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose? Your goose is totally loose!


Repeat with the remaining flour and milk. Do not overmix the batter.

It was at this point I decided to make mine lemon, so I quickly grated in the rind of the 2/3rds of a lemon I had left over, after making Renovale some pancakes yesterday.

Divide the batter between the liners. I used my 1/4 cup scoop, which turned out to be quite the perfect size.



Bake for about 20 mins, or until they are a light golden color, and the tops spring back. Obvs everyone know the rules to the knife/toothpick test. This is no different.



Allow them to cool a little before transferring to a wire cooling rack, then leave them to finish cooling before icing them.


Mix together the glace ingredients. I added a squeeze of about 1/4 of a lemon, just a normal wedge. If the icing starts to set while you are still mixing or icing, add a few drops of boiled water to make it workable again.

Now eat those suckers!!




After I finished icing them, M wandereed back inside, so he and I both ate one. The he went back out to play and reappeared with 3 other friends. Since the cupcakes were still sitting on the bench (mocking me, daring me to eat another. I’m sure of it.), I offered them all a cupcake. Then after dinner M and I had one for dessert. I know, I’m a fat shit. Swear jar. They were just so good!


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