Yea Boiii!


Well halle-fucking-lujah! I know I know, swear jar.

Sold my car yesterday! Yay! The buyer was a very hot, young german exchange student. She was very sweet, had just arrived in Oz, did not know a soul, and was very excited to have a car and be able to explore the Gold Coast a bit. I found myself crossing my fingers that the car behaves itself for her. As a student in a foreign country it would totally suck to break down on the side of the road. I showed her where the QLD Transport office was, where she could buy a SatNav, and helped her fill out the forms. She even friended me on FB.

Now for the mission of looking for a new car. Ugh. I swear all of a sudden there are like, no good cars for sale. Haha.

I did boxing yesterday! The first time I have actually worked out in about 6 years. And boy, can I feel it. It hurts to sit, stand, walk, practically talk. But it was awesome, and at the end, the instructor told me she was very impressed that I kept up with them, considering I have never boxed before. D did not accompany me, she ended up having to work, so I did it by myself and M did the kids class which he absolutely loved, so I’m def going to keep going. If my body stops aching before next Wednesday.

And K has finally decided that the other side of the room looks far more interesting than where he is and is no longer letting anything stop him! The heffalump has decided to crawl! Yaaaay. Now I have to re-arrange my house and hide all the cords, pick up all the random bobby pins and M’s toys that are small enough to be a worry. Yay me.


It looks like some things are finally starting to go my way. Now just cross your fingers that I get a decent car, an awesome deal, and maybe even some coin left over. Ha.

I will leave you all with a little vid of K and his new crawl.

It’s been an exciting 3 or 4 days! Makes a nice change from watching The View haha.





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    • It says right there under ‘Here’s a video…’ : ‘grr cannot upload the video’. I am trying to put it on YouTube right now so I can embed it on here, but the weather is not great. It is telling me it will take over an hour, and the video is very short so I might put it off til another day when I have a better connection.
      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I did Karate 6 years ago when I lived in town on top of the hill and M was about 2. I did it for a long time, passed ‘Kata’s’ also known as belts and was quite fit and able to drop into 50 push ups at the time! So there! Obviously you don’t remember, even though I recall demonstrating for you several times, as you had just gotten the bootcamp dvd for xmas.
      So there. HA.

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