Someone Buy My Freakin Car! Plz.


I’m selling my car and I really really really really hope someone buys it, ASAP!! I have had it for about a year and a half and unfortunately we have outgrown it. When I put the pram in the car, I cannot fit anything else in the boot. If I put the car seat that K sits in, in the middle position of the backseat, there will be no room for M. It’s a great little car but it is just not made for prams and groceries and nappy bags and kids and school bags, all at once.

It will be sucky to have to get a bigger car, because as my dad keeps reminding me, it just means more fuel = more expensive. And in this day of fuel being more expensive than…. other stuff…. it is certainly a point to be aware of. I wanted to upgrade to a NORMAL FAMILY SIZED CAR but father dearest actually said I’m trying to be bigger than I am!! First of all, who cares if I’m short. We short peoples need to drive places too ya know. And second of all, I am big! Isn’t that what people do? He says it like it’s a bad thing. What the hell does he know. Is he implying I am an undeserving person? I deserve a car that fits me and all my various shit in it, at the same time. Plus have room left over for other people. And since when is there something wrong with trying to be bigger anyway? Heaps of people do it. It’s called being social. Just because I don’t have some servant girl dusting my floor with a broom made out of dead twigs and banana leaves. Because last I heard, father dearest does. Sounds like someone is trying to be big if you ask me. Other than me, that is. Aren’t fathers supposed to be pleased if their daughters

And anyway.

A normal family sized car in this country is not like a Hummer or anything. And since it’s the most popular car on the road in Australia, how can something-hundred-million-thousand people be wrong? Are they ALL trying to be big? Stooopid. I’m getting one. And to round off this non-spite-filled post, above is a picture of a car that could very well be the one I have now. Especially totes appropes since my current car is a VW and so is this one. It’s a sign. That I deserve a big car cos I’m a big person. And not just in mouth.



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