The little man in my head


So here’s the deal. It’s M’s birthday in just over 1 week, and this year I bought him a new bike (how stupid is this – they don’t even sell bikes in 1 piece – I have to assemble the damn thing!! Like, whatever! Do I look like a bike assembly person to you? No? Didn’t think so.), and just a few smaller presents. And since his birthday falls on a school day, I’m going to send a bunch of cupcakes to school with him to share with his classmates.

Since I figured I would like to have our own family cakey moment at home after school, I figured that a simple old box mix would do for the school cupcakes.

And then the little man in my head started up his shite.

Like ‘Just a box mix? OK. Just white frosting? Thats boring. No toppers? Huh. Interesting. Sprinkles? Riiiiiiiiiight.’

So I started trawling through a few foodie blogs I know that concentrate on cupcakes and cakes. Just for a bit more punishment. Y’know. Anyway so there is this one lady whose blog is just total food porn, her cupcakes are like little teeny tiny masterpieces. It actually borders on the insane. Like, who the hell puts that much effort into their food n stuff, why not just eat the damn thing? Just dip it in the bowl of frosting already, shovel in a spoonful of the cream filling after, and mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh take that!. You know you wanna.

Well. She puts that much effort in. Not that I’m knockin it or anything. like I said. Mini masterpieces.

I digress.

I came across these Cookies n Cream cupcakes, and they look relatively easy. Ish. So I’m thinking I’m going to ignore her recipe for the cupcakes (since I have the trusty old box babies), and use her recipe for the frosting, and some other elements. I’m not bothering with the cream filling. They’re just school kids.

So the idea, in a nutshell, is to use one oreo cookie in the bottom of each patty case, spoon batter over the top, and bake.

Then crush up a whole heap of oreos and fold it into the frosting.

After frosting, I’m gonna top them with a mini oreo.

The Mona Lisa... Of Cupcakes.

The cream filling that I'm not gonna bother with...

So the plan is that by posting this into the all seeing eye of the internetz, I will no longer be allowewd to possibly dice the idea. Now that I have said I’m gonna do it, I have to do it.

So there ya have it. Heads up. Coming soon to a screen near you: either a triumphant rub it in ya face hells yeah I did it bitches post about how great my cupcakes were and how all the other kiddies are jealous and want to be M’s best friend now and how all the other mothers either look up to me with pure admiration while deep inside are so so jealous and possibly even hate me.

Or the post that says I failed they sucked I burnt them the shop ran out of oreos my cupcake cases broke the baby wouldn’t stop crying and I got exactly 6 made and are still uniced and I have run out of time i broke my hand trying to build a stupid bike or I plain didn’t do it. So Kill Me.   

The full recipe and instructions for these mini masterpieces, and indeed many many more masterpieces can be found at Go forth and conquer my pretties. And if you do conquer you must. I repeat must. Send me some that I can send to school with M.  Cos I am fairly well wiggin out about this!! And the bike.

Wish me luck……………………………………………


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