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I just did a personality test, one I had done years ago. I had lost the results of the orginal test, and it had come up in conversation recently, so I decided to do it again.

This one is supposed to be pretty good, and based on your personality type, outlines your relationships, suitable career choices, and personality growth.

Because I had done this years ago, I was half expecting that I would have different results. After all, as you go through life, your different experiences would leave an imprint on your personality, and therefore your answers, right?


I got the same results as I did 4 years ago.

And even though I think the personality description is pretty spot on, in other ways I was really surprised, and even secretly annoyed. It said I am an introvert, which is certainly not what I was described as all throughout my childhood, school aged even my early teenage years. I have always been pretty loud, outgoing, and in certain situations, obnoxious. I had been told as a student that if I was less concerned with my social life and more with my studies, I would have done much better with school. Actually, it was worded much more delicately – ‘If she applied herself more… bla bla bla’.. Not that I ever struggled with the schoolwork. More that I was enjoying myself too much to bother with it much. But I still got by, even being in the highest learning bands for most of my subjects.

I can recognise that now, as an adult, and given the situations I have found myself in as an adult, I have toned down. I don’t want people to know the real me. I guess I’m not trusting anymore. I open up to my close friends and family, and that’s it. I don’t even open up to C’s family anymore. I learnt my lesson there. When I have a few drinkies in me, I open up to strangers, but not about personal stuff. I just get louder and sillier. But drinkies is something I never do anymore. So I guess it’s safe to say that I have made myself an introvert. Is that even possible? To MAKE yourself a something?

When I first did the test 4 years ago, I remember being surprised at the careers it said would be the most suited for my personality type. One or two of them seemed interesting. Most of them were nothing like me at all. Like, I have never. Had. Any. Interest. In. That. Field.

Clergy? LOLLLLL. Nursing? I have been told I would make a good nurse, but all that bodily fluid and mess? No Thanks. Bookkeeping? Boooooring. Home Economics? You mean, what I do now? Ha. Maybe I should throw myself into parenting and just suck it up. The personality test said so.

So since I am surprised at the personality type it labels me and pretty unexcited about the careers, I wonder if I can make myself another personality type, one that has some more exciting traits. Or at least one that lines up with the degree I’m doing!

What do YOU think? Go do the test and talk to me about it. Do you agree or not? What do you think about changing your personality type – is it possible, and if so, how? Can you work on it, or is it something that life does to you?

Personality Test



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  1. See, for all the reasons discussed previously, I guess I see that description working for you (although only on further reflection, cause at first I absolutely think of you as extroverted). More than that, I think underlying it all, you are somewhat of a homebody.

    The thing about the description that really worked, though, is the sense of your respect for family, history, heritage. That is spot-on you. Also, how loyal you are, and how you would absolutely protect those you love. Absolutely. So while the description doesn’t totally seem you (quiet? seriously???), I think it works for you, overall.

    In terms of careers? Well.. it is just a generalization, ultimately. But here, read this:
    Scroll down to protector (and under it), and it talks about how guardians are looking for a sense of belonging, where they can contribute to society, but also have security and respect. Honestly, doesn’t that seem spot-on for what you are looking for out of your career? Like for me personally, those things are good, but that would definitely not be the motivating factor for me. Honestly, what really motivated me to go down this path was the realization (and the need) to make a positive difference in somebody’s life, and to really help them (a child with special needs) achieve their fullest potential. To make a difference in somebody’s life, to work in an area that i feel passionate about and believe in. I get fired up when I think of that or talk about it, and it was really striking to see that reflected so much in my personality type thingy.

    So… yeah. Don’t try and change your type! And the fact that you still have the same type after 4 years is kinda cool — indicates the test is pretty accurate. Ultimately, the type thing isn’t about your personality overall, but more about behavior patterns (underlying thought processes/values and communication/socializing patterns), and rather than defining a personality it is defining a temperament. I don’t think our temperaments change that much, although we may mellow out somewhat with age.

    • You know, the more I read, the more I see traits that I identify with. The list of careers felt off the mark, but the description of career traits did actually fit in with my study, believe it or not. Interested and in tune with peoples feelings, determining what they want, then creating that environment? Hello, Communication and Marketing!
      So I guess I have to take back some of my earlier outrage, hahaha.

      It is pretty interesting to read this sort of thing about yourself, question it, then study it deeper and come to some self realisations.. hmmm..

      I didn’t start this blog for personal growth peoples!! jk. :p

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