I just couldn’t wait…


So I’m sitting up late and everyone has gone to bed. It’s awesome cos I get to watch crappy TV like the Sex & the City movie really interesting and informative shows that no-one else in the house wants to watch. And I just came across this video and I didn’t want to wait to share it with y’all..

ok ok I lie. There are 2 video’s. But so what, you totally have the time or else you wouldn’t even be here wasting it. So do your ass a favor and watch them. Both somewhat surprising and funny and cool and yeah. Awesome.

 This one is just hilarious, and totally not what I was expecting. At first I was like ‘Yeah whatevs buddy, the net is full of this kinda shit’ but then by the end I was honestly thinking ‘Omg this kid is freaking AH-ma-zing!’

And when this one first started it took me about 4 seconds to realise what was going on, but then I was like ‘Hey ok yeah I geddit hang on woah man he’s going left now this shitz crazy whats gonna happen!’.

So. Tell me whatcha think.

Oh. And FYI? Carrie with dark hair? So Wrong.


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